You have without a doubt the best library by far...
Thank you so very much for the Ordinance and the Immigration reference; it was a huge help.

Robert Greenwood
Exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate

There is a word in Yiddish that I would like to bestow upon your firm. The word is "Mentschlekhkeyt". To be a mensch is to be of the highest caliber. It is reserved for people who walk in God's righteous path of kindness, honor, decency and charity (tikkun olam). It is reserved for special people, and it is the highest complement a Jew can pay to another.

Sondra  Rubin
Property Client

I did enjoy working with you on this project.  I feel at times that I earned a Masters, if not a PhD, in TCI politics from you.  You are a great teacher.  It was at sometimes a frustrating, but always a fascinating degree.

John  Hilfinger
AT&T Wireless Inc.

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